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I walked at a nice pace back to a dirt path that had appeared, the goo-girl next to me holding my hand like a scared little girl would do to her older brother or dad. she had to be no older then 12, by her physical features and personality, which leaves the thought of all those goo-men trying to get at her. sickening...

Well, at least i stopped it. I followed the dirt path into what appears to be a large clearing with overgrown buildings. skeletons lay everywhere, as well as rusted and broken equipment. farming equipment. These people were slaughtered by something and they were just farmers...

"oogh!" the goo-girl grunted cutely, pointing at a mist that began to form.

"stay behind me," i told her, readying my sword.

The mist turned into a body of a young woman, somewhere between 16 and 20. she was wearing a torn up green t-shirt and some raggedy canvas pants. was she a previous champion?!

"Who are you?" i asked.

as the body gained more physical form and color, i could hear the screams of what felt like these villagers, being massacred. this was a spirit...

The ghost girl gained a physical body and readied a fireball. A wicked smile appeared over this woman's face, who's blue eyes shone brightly with her sandy blond hair and complimenting freckles. I wonder how she died. i hope it wasnt painful.

"sit tight!" i told the goo-girl and sprinted at the ghost-girl.

The ghost-girl responded by throwing the fireball at me with extreme speed of what would probably be a very skilled mage. I was able to use my sword to split the fireball, but i lost all forms of attack except for a head level lunge, so i attempted such.

The lunge wasnt successful, probably because it was predictable and sloppy, despite fluid and quick. I watched myself trip over the ghost-girl's foot and roll onto the ground. i stood up quickly and readied myself for another attack.

The ghost-girl slowly conjured a black hilted and purple bladed arming sword. it was nearly as long as my kitsune blade, which was alarming. the pommel was etched like a dragon with its wings stretched out while the dragon itself was clinging to a rock. how elegant!

I focused on her eyes, a frown plastered on my face, my brow furrowed with frustration. A spell-sword...

I ran at her swung prematurely with a jump, my arm having cleared my torso region, i reversed my grip, swinging back down with as much force as i could muster, using my offhand to grab the pommel of my sword and yank it away from me to add more force.

The ghost-girl blocked swiftly and charged up a spell. not fair! she slid her blade up the length of my blade and hit my cross-guard, it protecting my hand from being cut off, thankfully, and not damaging the cross-guard either.

"oh-goo!" the goo-girl cheered.

I attempted to sweep her feet and did not succeed, being met with a power-stance. i, having hit the ground a moment ago, reset my grip and spun around, trying to elbow her face. i hit her face! i felt soft, cold skin against my elbow as i hit her with enough force to make her unable to recoil! i can do this!

I pivoted on my main foot and brought the sword down towards her collar bone, carving into her neck, going down to her chest. i could go no further, but for the sake of the goo-girl, i positioned myself so she could see no gore. 

"GAAAH!" i yelled as i felt my body seize up with electricity.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHH!!!" i screamed in pain and agony, my body burning and frying up.

I gasped once it ended, panting heavily.

"you think it'd be THAT easy whelp? pshaww..." the ghost-girl asked me with spite, kicking me down. She readied her sword to plunge into my heart, the fatal wound i inflicted still visible but healing quickly. within seconds, it was no longer there...

"gooh!" the goo-girl yelled, running in-front of me, creating a barrier between the ghost and i.

"Get out of the way girl..." the ghost growled.


"i said MOVE!"



The ghost-girl took a moment to think before backing up.

"Fine...but next time, human, be more prepared. i was waiting a century for someone brave to come and fight me..." the ghost girl said, fading away into another existence somewhere else.

my eyes slowly closed, my body completely done and burnt. I've cheated death several times, but i dont think ill make it this time.

"I have to protect big brother!" the goo-girl thought to herself, looking around.

"oghgoo!" she called, looking around.

Moments later, a teenage  mouse girl walked into the clearing.

"Stay quiet, follow me." she said, picking me up and dragging me into a hidey hole like home.

The goo-girl followed close behind, shaking slightly at the appearence of a new person. I mean, what did she expect? a goo-woman to appear out of no-where and heal my wounds with ease? well...yeah, she did.
I opened my eyes, in a daze. i was in a white room like space, with doors in many places, some spinning, some sliding, some stationary. This looks like something out of a halfway decent inception spin off, minus its trademark BWOOONG noise. You make the noise in your head too? so did i, thinking that out.

after sitting up and took a better look at my surroundings, only to see nothing but whiteness. what was i doing before this happened? i can barely remember anything. i remember my name, my schooling, my skills, and that guitars are awesome.

I sighed and looked at my body, seeing what i was wearing. well in this case, i was lacking modesty, if you catch my drift.

Taking a deep breath, i was thinking about what i wish i had, and i suddenly felt warmer. i looked down to find myself now clothed. i could feel underwear and socks, i could see my shoes on, my best pair of blue jeans and my favorite shirt. what was this place?

Just as i thought that, a small white column pedestal appeared in front of me with a note. i grabbed the note and began to read.

        "To whom it may concern,

            You are dead. Sorry. However, you have a chance to start a new life somewhere else! don't worry about how you died, it doesn't matter anymore, since you are dead. Anyway, since you have no memories of the stories you yourself created while alive, you in your transitive state, opted to go into one of those worlds, instead of be reborn. Believe it or not, you've actually already made up your mind as to where you're going, who you'll meet, everything. Once you finish reading this letter, your past selves will appear before you and give you a gift to take along your trip. This will test every bit of everything your soul has gone through, be careful and be safe!

        Love always,

Excuse the what now? I'm dead? seriously?

i groaned in annoyance, looking in front of me after that. Three people stood in front of me, two from an era from earth's past, the third one was way before but way after anything earth has gotten to.

"Step forward," The first person said, wearing fur clothing with chain mail under, looking like a Germanic nobleman.

I took a step forward, scared and confused now.

"My friend, my brother, my comrade, it has come time for you to receive your gifts, to live out a dream of yours and let your soul come to peace," the noble told me, holding out a small note pad and a pencil.

I took the gift gingerly and imagined myself up my leather jacket i own and put them in my pocket.

"thank you, sir," i told him, bowing respectfully. i rose up a moment later, feeling a rush of air go by. he was gone. the soldier then stepped forward, being from the world war 2 era of earth history.

"Here i have for you, is a box of matches," he said, offering it to me, "doesn't seem like much, but you'll thank me later bud."

I nodded and took the box of matches, putting them in my other jacket pocket. I saw the soldier disappear, disintegrating into nothingness.

The futuristic looking man stepped in front of me and held out his hand, not saying a word, letting his eyes talk instead of his mouth. He wore a military officer's uniform, it being indigo blue and having many medals pinned to his chest, the name was in a language i did not understand, but something told me he was a ship captain from another world. A space ship maybe?

he withdrew his hand slowly, having left a multi-tool in my hand. he nodded and backed up quickly, disintegrating slowly. he did a salute and fell back into nothingness. i heard an all too familiar growl after that, from behind.

i turned around quickly, seeing myself, but younger and smaller, by about 4 inches.

"Erm, what's...going on?" i asked, backing up a bit.

he was silent, getting paler with his eyes turning black, looking like a monster after a few moments. i realized what this younger version of myself was meant to symbolize. my inner demons.

I smirked and turned my back to him, hearing his growls get more throaty and demonic, but he could not run, or walk, not even crawl. he just stood there, waving his hands around trying to get to me.

I walked up to a door and opened it, smelling the lush forest awaiting me. i dont know what im getting into, but im thinking im going to love it, hate it, regret it, and appreciate it, all at the same time...
I looked around as i stepped through the door, immersing myself in this surreal experience. the door behind me was gone, and i had no-where left to go but forward. what will happen? what will become of me? i do not know.

After taking stock and listening to the sound of my surroundings, i began my trek through the forest via game path. i didnt see any buildings or smoke so i wasnt sure about any civilization nearby. The sky was clear and unassuming, the birds were chirping and squirrels playing, butterflies doing butterfly things. this was like a hike without the luxuries of earth materials, aside from my clothing that is.

after about 5 minutes of travel, i happened upon a simple, small, shrine. This world had some form of technology, at least. I approached the shrine and noticed it was of japanese origin, or at least looked earth-asian. it had a note written in english saying as follows.

                "wear this necklace like dog tags, young one, and you shall find she who will repair your soul and set you free."

Well, thats isnt even the slightest comforting or creepy. was this for me? i could feel a tingle in my senses by being near the shrine, which means, to my most previous earth life's knowledge, that this place has a form of mana or spiritual energy. Either that or gives off massive electromagnetic waves that follows a polar shift, or something like that.

If this would be considered earth fantasy, ill have magic, if my hypothesis on magical energy is correct then ill be able to produce some form of energy using spiritual energy nicknamed mana. maybe this necklace will be like a catalyst? i reached out and touched the pendant, examining it within its dark box. it felt smooth, oddly soft. it was in the shape of half a heart with the split off part looking like it was physically broken in half from its counterpart. i almost didnt notice the smile on my face. i felt happy at the touch of this, the knowledge of what it was. did my soul know something that my consciousness didnt? as per my probable instructions, i took the necklace and put it on. i took a deep breath, relaxing a bit, and tucked the necklace pendant between my jacket and shirt and reviewed the area again.

Nothing had changed, thankfully, however there was a split path. assuming the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, they head east or west, because the sun had shifted to the west a bit from when i arrived in this new world. picturing my options in my head, i looked at the tree tops to see any mountains or cloud directions. there were no clouds in the sky, nor were there mountains within view, it was flat as far as i knew. i didnt have any coins, so i decided to use my pencil instead. if it landed on the writing part, id go east, the eraser means west. i did a light toss into the air and watched it drop to the ground. it landed on the pencil tip. i head east from here.

i put my pencil away, it miraculously having not broken the tip from the toss, and began my journey east. As i walked i noticed how free i felt, instead of what i could only assume, was the constraints of the earth modern life. i guess, from the feel of the air, that this society was around the medieval ages, or was just really eco-friendly.

Moments later, i heard humming. human vocal humming. i wasnt alone! human? elf maybe? the voice was angelic, making my heart flutter. it went from humming to singing. almost like out of a cartoon. it was coming from up ahead. the voice felt familiar, like i knew who was singing it. the singing was eminating from off the path, which was a bit disconcerning, but i walked off the path anyway and walked towards where it was coming from. eventually i reached a meadow where a woman in a red dress of sorts was sitting on a solitary rock in the middle of this meadow, singing to a family of what looked like foxes.

Once i set foot in the clearing, she halted mid song, speaking a language i did not understand, and looked at me. She was human in feature in all ways, however she had a few additions that struck me as humanoid, but not human.

She had fox ears and a fox tail.
The broken heart necklace, chapter 1
a remake and HUGE edit from the original story, this one will be half related to the original story i started, but dropped because i was to hard of a fan boy to edit named or personalities very much to anything that wasnt to my own personal liking.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
"NGH!" i grunted, as i dodged a fire ball, drawing my sword. these were demonic imps, not corrupted humans, they had no pupils in the eyes and they were just plain blank.

I launched myself off a tree with one foot and jumped at the imps, gritting my teeth. i landed on my feet, my sword cleaving through an imp with no issue what-so-ever. Using my left arm to give myself momentum, i almost stood up, but my feet left the ground and i chopped off the head and arm of another imp.

an imp flew above me and attempted the punch me with a black flamed fist. i looked up in time to notice him and raised my sword, the imp not being able to stop himself, he flew right onto the sword, however, he landed a punch directly onto my face, and i was sent into the ground. my pants began to get really tight and my body hot, my forehead in serious pain. i got up slowly and was almost hit with a imp's pecker as he tried to shove it into my mouth, but i leaned back and made him miss and fly into a tree. i jumped up and took up an offensive stance, examining what was left of the imp force.

two imps dead, one wounded, two ready to fight. almost done. i charged them, jumping and  spinning to gain downward slashing momentum, and pulled out my new knife and as i landed in front of one imp, missing purposely, i tossed the knife at the other imp and got him right in the neck. my sword was stuck in the ground, but i let go of it and grabbed them imp's demonic prick and pulled towards me, punching him in the chest and making him jet towards the ground. stunned, i grabbed my sword and chopped off his head. vile, demonic creatures.

i heard a swirling of air behind me and turned around. the imp that i left for unconscious was conjuring a shadow ball.

"you gotta' be fucking kidding me," i growled, annoyed. the imp threw the ball at me and my first instinct was to run away, but i fought this instinct. this was a magical kitsune sword, im going to kill this imp with its own spell!

i coiled my arm and lunged at the shadow ball, hitting it right in the middle, meeting it with greater force then what was thrown and sent it right back to the imp. the imp gasped and yelled, freezing for a moment. what was going to happen?

the imp imploded. blood and guts went everywhere, and splattered all over me. i went into shock and fell to my knees. that almost hit me, i almost died, that could have been ME.

I slowly got up and retrieved my knife and shakily walked to the lake to wash myself off.
i walked onto the beach to a rather interesting situation. a goo girl was being cornered by goo men. it was the same goo girl as before, the one that was really small and young looking. i sensed fear from the goo girl so i walked towards them.

The goo men noticed me quickly and all jumped at the chance to get another "meal", i guess. i held my sword at the ready, it still stained with imp blood, and stepped forward with my left foot, pointed my sword back to my right ankle and held my sword against my hip. this was a interesting stance, as you will soon see.

the goo men all lunged at me with their fists, two behind them out of six. i pivoted my left foot and jerked my shoulders outward in a wide angle around me, and upper-cut'd and side swiped the melee goo men, slicing them in half. i watched them disintegrate into a pile of goo and turned my attention to the other two.

they began to throw balls of goo at me, and i jerked out of the way to avoid one, but was it with the other. it hit me with astounding speed, knocking the wind out of me, and pushing me back. my body became hot again, after having regained my composure from earlier. i snarled in defiance and hit the ground, rolling back and getting up to charge them. they threw balls of green goo at me, and i couldnt dodge them very well, and had to slash them.

i closed the distance, not before getting hit by two balls, making me think lewd thoughts, and i cleaved them in half.

i was panting by the end, crawling to the water's edge for something to cool off my head. i dipped my head into the water as i reached it, falling in love with the cool water. i groaned and flopped over, beginning to cry. i killed 11 people today. they werent really people, exactly, but corrupted filth, but they were still capable of thought, magic and the such. i sniffled and sat up and crawled into the water briefly, letting the water wash away the blood and goo.

i walked out with drenched clothing and conveniently spotted a sunning rock. i walked over and laid down on it to dry.

The feeling of regret, guilt and shame over what i did wrapped around me tightly, like a blanket of despair. my chest was tight and heavy, my stomach churned and rolled, all along with a splitting headache. i couldnt help but close my eyes and try to relax. whatever i would wake up to would be my just reward...
i woke up at dusk, having slept a full 6 hours on this uncomfortable rock. i wasnt alone though. the little goo girl was sitting next to me, looking at the approaching twilight.

"hey..." i said softly, looking at the goo girl.

She looked at me and blinked, looking much more clear minded then the others i saw. Maybe i had befriended her?

"Are you okay?" i asked.

she nodded in response, crawling up to my now dry body and unzipped my coat and pulled up my shirt.

"hey, hey woh, stop right there!" i begged, exasperated.

she did not stop or even look at me, but touched the bruises where  i had been hit, and healed them. no problem, no issue, but i felt energy get expended. her energy.

"th-thank you..." i told her, sighing in relief.

She looked at me and smiled, tilting her head cutely.

"you need water to survive, right?" i asked, sitting up some.

She shook her head and looked around.

"do you want a nice, safe place to stay?" i questioned, re-situating myself.

She nodded quickly and then clung to my arm, as though for safety. i smiled and places my hand ontop of her head in response.

"alright, then we should start walking, i want to be there by nightfall," i told her, getting up and leading her off the rock and into the forest.
a fantasy story for the ne'er-do-well, chapter 6
18+ content includes

Sexual word replacement, EG: penis, for member/imphood, etc.

thoughts and occurances + observations
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
"aaahhhhh fuuuuck..." i groaned, running my hands through my hair. i do not want to be out here at night. i began to jog around, thinking about a sword, a wonderful wooden stained hilt with a simple but elegant design. the pommel being indented in a way that makes it look aesthetic, and the hilt being like two waves, one overlapping the other and slightly curved, as the wave pattern would suggest. the blade being a standard thickness at the base, then widening out briefly and getting thinner again, and around the end, it gets bigger to make it excellent for stabbing. that would be a dream blade right about now...

Now, i dont know if the forest is magical, or if this land is craving a savior and im its savior, but this happened very much like it would in a fairy tale. all cliche like. it was a little annoying, in fact.

i walked into a clearing, where a sword was stuck in the ground. not in a tree, but the ground. a skeleton was holding onto the sword, and several demonic looking skeletons were around the humanoid skeleton. this was the sight of a battle for redemption, i think. one of the last crusaders maybe? or a previous champion? maybe.

I slowly crept up to the sight of the battle, getting a sense of eerie calm. as though i felt the warrior's last moments. It was unclear if i was meant to be here, or if this sight was to have been banished from history and fade into time itself. i said a silent prayer of thanks and forgiveness, and a message to the warrior that held this sword as i took it from its dusty hands.

I took the scabbard from the skeleton and noticed that the skeleton had a tail bone on it. not a tail bone as a buttox, but a tail bone for a tail. it was long, but didnt look exactly like a cat tail or a dog tail would, id think. unclear, but unimportant at the moment. i looked at the medallion that the skeleton had around its neck, and felt the need to take it, as though it was leaping into my hands, like it wanted someone to take it. am i becoming a kleptomaniac? i guess so...

i took the medallion and put it in my pocket. the medallion was warm as the a winter's sun beating down on a open hillside. Hot, but not so hot as to make you sweat. i relaxed and thought of the cathedral, walking back towards there and holding my new sword for dear life. the sun was setting fast. time was racing against me. i could feel evil presences getting closer, as though they were actively seeking me out.

i was practically sprinting by the time i got to the cathedral, i slammed the rusted gates shut and dived into the main building, shaking in fear.

"B-Ben!" i heard blair yell from one of her perches.

i was hyperventalating and holding my head.

"AAAAGHH DONT HURT ME!!" i yelled, something penetrating my mind and injecting fear into my veins.

i could feel blair's hands on mine, telling xentra to do something.

I felt heartbreak, a fleeting sense of fear and regret. i missed something, i screwed up somewhere! my family, my friends, even my lover, i failed them all!

Wait, lover? i dont have one...

These feelings werent mine. the demons that i thought following me werent mine, but actually someone else's. the owner of the sword and medallion. it was trying to talk to me through feelings. its soul was stored in the gem, i think. it was scared of me.

Blair took the medallion from my pocket and placed it on a stool, and i began to calm quickly, blair holding me protectively, scared for me.

"Shhhh, you're okay now, its gone, its away," she whispered.

i went limp, relaxing and resting my body.

Xentra walked up to the medallion and stared at it.

"This is kitsune work," she told us, her voice lighter and higher pitched then i remembered.

I looked up to see her, and her skin tone was changing from green to a pale white, but ever so slowly. not noticeable in a moment.

"this is old. its magic is just about as old as the demon wars," Xentra said.

"what...does that mean?" i asked, regaining my senses.

"Kitsune, old magic, id say this is a decendant of the Nyatalian and Trilian group," Xentra told me.

"D-did i s-steal it?" i asked, getting worried.

"No." Xentra said firmly, "their weapons return to their armory after death or at command, he left his weapon there for a reason."

I stared at the amulet and then looked at the sword. I was meant to find this, somehow. maybe the warrior had foresight? probably, since magic works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

I got up slowly stared outside the cathedral. this weapon would be the one to kill that demon, i know it.

"i should sleep," i told them, looking at the moon.

"Probably," blair agreed, rubbing my back to comfort me, knowing i was very troubled.

Today kind of sucked, maybe tomorrow will be better.

and with that thought, i cursed myself because i probably jinxed myself. hah...
i awoke on the perch that blair had set up a bed for me at and after getting helped down, i walked alone to my camp, and looked around. nothing changed. odd really, how nothing's been moved.

i fuddled with some supplies i picked up on the way and made some materials i required to make my life easier. i made a simple stone knife, a sling, and several bamboo canteens from some bamboo that grows near the lake.

i decided to look at the book blair gave me, to try and figure out where i might find anything of use.

Someone giggled. i heard a giggle...

i looked around, grabbing my sword in fear and preparation.

"you're cute, with your little sword and stuff," a female voice said, echoing, "can you figure out where i am?"

" i want to?" i responded.

"it might be fun~" she replied back, sounding farther away.

i got up, gathering my gear and following the giggles into the forest. it was probably a tricky goblin girl.

Eventually, i reached an old stone pathway. This felt forbidding, and i became hesitant. i felt sick and scared to my stomach, turning a bit green, i stepped back.

"oof" i squeeked, backing into something.

I heard a inhuman growl and slowly turned around. i was face to face with a were-wolf. Except this were-wolf had a white furred chest, grey coat, purple and black hair, pink eyes and a gem necklace. did i mention it was a woman?

"human..." the female were-wolf growled, sniffing the air.

"i am indeed human..." i responded to her rhetoric, my hand on my sword.

"you may live," she said, "dont come here again however, or ill have to fight you."

"n-noted...where you the one giggling?" i asked.

"No," she replied and walked into a stone cottage.

I slowly walked away, the giggle in my head now, making me want to turn back and walk to the house, but i held back the urge. that she-wolf was fierce-some.

I made my way into the forest again, wandering around for some reason, when i encountered a group of imps, conversing over something. By the time i could hear anything, they all looked at me and grinned. Uh oh...
a fantasy story for the ne'er-do-well, chapter 5
18+ content includes

Sexual word replacement, EG: penis, for member/imphood, etc.

thoughts and occurances + observations
Fate/nine, cast part 1 by bjwickre
Fate/nine, cast part 1
Beowulf - bezerker
Arthuria - saber
Odysseus - archer
next are lancer, rider and ruler.

caster and assassin will be after that.


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United States
Rhythm is a dancer,
It's a soul's companion,
People feel it everywhere,
Lift your hands and voices,
Free your mind and join us,
You can feel it in the air,
Oh oh, it's a passion,
Oh oh, you can feel it yeah,
Oh oh, it's a passion,
Oh oh, oh, oh, oh,


You can put some joy up on my face,
Oh sunshine in an empty place,
Take me too, turn to and babe I'll make you stay,
Oh I can ease you of your pain,
Feel you give me love again,
Round and round we go,
Each time I hear you say,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,
This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,

Wont you teach me how to love and learn,
There'll be nothing left for me to yearn,
Think of me and burn and let me hold your hand,
Oh yeah-ah-eh,
I don't want to face the world in tears,
Please think again, I'm on my knees,
Sing that song to me,
No reason to repent,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,
This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah.
Of the night - bastille
Anime name: H2O footprints in the sand

genre: romance, supernatural, comedy

general number of characters: 15 characters. not hard to follow

length: 12 episodes

feels level: :iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz: 5/5 cries

story development: amazing and realistic, for the most part, you become emotionally attached to the characters after a few episodes and a whole bunch of laughs.

ending: the ending shocked me, made me cry my eyes out, and then gave me some semi-bullshit at the very end that made me feel better, but it was so perfectly devistating...

remarks: i half regret watching this anime. its a great show, but its just emotion fucking. be VERY careful how you go with this anime.

where you can watch this:…
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