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i write mostly stories...i also RP :meow:




bjwickre has started a donation pool!
250 / 200
just wanna buy some adoptables :) only donate if you you want to ^_^
also for poem/short story commisions, which im starting as of 2/28/13 12:20pm

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United States
I'm here again
A thousand miles away from you
A broken mess, just scattered pieces of who I am
I tried so hard
Thought I could do this on my own
I've lost so much along the way

Then I see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole

I've come undone
But you make sense of who I am
Like puzzle pieces in your hand,

Then I see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole!

I tried so hard! So hard!
I tried so hard!

Then I see your face
I know I'm finally yours
I find everything I thought I lost before
You call my name
I come to you in pieces
So you can make me whole
So you can make me whole
1. Who are you in a relationship with?
:iconhopeforthefuture13: :3

2. The date you got together?
pfffff who needs dates? but it was after i graduated, somewhere between late june, to late july.

3. Where/how did you meet?
On DA, when i bought an adoptable from her >3>

4. What did you think the first time you saw him/her?
"....she is going to become part of my life, even if i cant have her!" O_O

5. Is your partner your best friend?
Of course! :O

6. If you and your girlfriend/boyfriend broke up, would you still wanna be friends?
without a doubt, yes.

7. On a scale from 1-10 how good looking is your girlfriend/boyfriend?
well, if i stopped fanboying over anime characters [tsubasa hanekawa, shinobu oshino, etc.] that says something now doesnt it? (58000000000/10)

8. Who asked who?
I did. i remember that much >3<

9. Do you talk a lot?
every day! O_O

10. Describe your gf/bfs personality?
shy, level headed, intelligent, somewhat bold with a dash of courage!, tsundere with yandere mixed all up in there, hinata [naruto] like, before and after she got all badass minus the stalker part. [well, kind of >W>]

11. Gf/bfs best feature?
everything. see what i did there?

12. On a scale from 1-10 how much does he/she make you laugh?
8. i cant recall laughing about anything recently, but i know we've had our laughs >W>

13. Would you die for him/her?
Yes. Over....and over....and over again.

14. Nicknames?
Hope, rain, love, lovey, sweetie, sweetheart, #therealcloud [character of hers]

15. What do you have in common?
our love of stories, some tastes in music, tastes in games, anime lovers!, much more that my headache wont let me recall >~<

16. How much is he/she on your mind?
24/7. but so is cake, so....yeah XD

17.  Have you ever dreamed about him/her?
many times. ill spare you the JUICY details >W>

18. Do you want to be together forever?
foreverandeverandeverandever :3

19.  Have you ever had a fight?
well, every couple fights. so in the short answer, yes. we've had fights.

20. How long have you been together?
almost a year OWO

21. Have you dated this person before?
this question confuses me o_o 

22. Do you think he/she will fill out this quiz as well?
she already did o3o she's where i got this! OWO

23. How far apart is your age?
1 year or so o3o

24. Favorite Memory?
one of my favorite memories shall not be spoken, for it is between me and her >///> you know which one im talking about...but since i probably have to speak about, would actually be the first time you said "i love you" to me >///////<

25. If you were too look him/her right in the face right now what would you wanna say?
"want to shower with me?" >W>

Now onto another meme cause I can Nyahahahaha!

You have a:
[ ] Boyfriend
[x] Girlfriend

Mushy stuff:
[ ] Hugged
[ ] Held hands
[ ] Kissed
[ ] Been on at least one date
[x] Told your BF/GF you love him/her
[x] Did something special on their birthday/your anniversary/Valentine's Day/Christmas/misc. (her HOPE braclet :D )
[ ] Shared drinks/food
[x] You have a special song (… >//////<
[x] You like cuddling
[-] You like making physical contact (if i was right there, id be VERY handsy >3> )
[ ] You've been lifted or carried
[x] Been given a nickname by your BF/GF
[ ] Your BF/GF likes to play with your hair
[x] You would do anything to make your BF/GF happy (anything and everything O_O )

[x] Have many things in common
[/] Been together for at least a year (SO CLOSE)
[x] Been together for at least six months
[ ] Broke up then got back together once-several times
[/] Your friends get along with your BF/GF (the one thats matter like her owo SAD sucks though, so it'll be awhile before they really meet her >3< )
[x] You were friends before getting together
[ ] Gone to a party with your BF/GF
[ ] Gone to a party and got drunk with your BF/GF
[ ] Gone to a party, got drunk, and had sex with BF/GF
[/] Your attitude and/or behavior has changed since you two met
[x] You feel happy/sad if your BF/GF is (if she aint happy, i aint happy :I )

[ ] Got together with your BF/GF out of pity
[ ] Cheated
[ ] Liked someone else while dating your BF/GF
[ ] Changed yourself to impress your BF/GF
[-] Kept secrets (there are things ill take to the grave, if i get one, but we'll be sharing one, so might as well tell her, eh? gotta ask though >3> )
[-] Lied (not really lied. misled her about my emotional well-being so we could continue and she wouldnt absorb my mood >~< )
[-] Didn't tell your BF/GF something that would affect them mentally/emotionally ( ^ )
[/] You don't think you're good enough for your BF/GF (naturally i feel this, but i feel like after all our hardships, we were kind of meant to be together)
[x] You can say almost anything to your BF/GF (just have to word it right >3> )

[/] Cried with your BF/GF around
[/] Seen your BF/GF naked/somewhat naked (i pleed the 5th o^o )
[ ] Thrown up on your BF/GF
[x] Farted with your BF/GF around (she just didnt smell or hear it >W> )
[ ] You've mistaken someone else as your BF/GF, AFTER you did something affectionate with that person
[/] Your BF/GF makes you blush (i dont blush, oddly enough O_O well, not that i know of....ive been embarrrassed so many times that i cant feel it anymore without concentrating hard >~> )
[/] Your BF/GF calls you cute (i call her all sorts of things like that, but cute falls short of accuracy >3< )
[/] Your BF/GF does things that no one else has done to you (to me or for me? >w> )
[x] Your BF/GF has seen a side of you no one else has

Some Questions~

1. Are you straight, bisexual, homosexual, etc.?
sexual orientation isnt a point of defining for me. BUT, i guess id be called heterosexual.

2. How old are you guys?
currently 18 and 19

3. How did you two meet?
Deviantart OwO

4. How long do you plan on staying together? Thought about marriage? Kids?
even death wont seperate us. i want to get married if the option arises, and i would like a child O3O maybe 2....but childbirth is painful as fuck, so it'll be up to her to give me concent to not use a condom XD

5. What do you like most about your BF/GF?
how she can make me happy without putting much effort into it? XD

6. When did you realize you liked your BF/GF?
immidently. thats a story for another time though.

7. What kind of hairstyle would you give your BF/GF?
pony tail, i guess >W>

8. Is there something you find weird about your BF/GF?
THAT can not be spoken on DA. its rather personal.

9. If you could change anything about your BF/GF, what would you change?

10. Do you really love your boyfriend or girlfriend?
Ive never been so sure about anything in my whole life.

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