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i write mostly stories...i also RP :meow:



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just wanna buy some adoptables :) only donate if you you want to ^_^
also for poem/short story commisions, which im starting as of 2/28/13 12:20pm

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PC personas by bjwickre
PC personas
After wiping my PC who's life lasted 2 and a half years, i decided to give it a persona, and its past selfs.




(accidently fucked up on pen's hair ;3; )
Cursed Child Syndrome by bjwickre
Cursed Child Syndrome
my stories -> caused by having deathknights as parents, being born within the lower levels of the known levels of existance, 3-4. 6-7 are not livable. they are not possessed, or truely cursed, but more the hatred of their parent's masters flows through them when they become happy, but then get sad/angry after they become happy. the flux of emotions being unable to be contained properly through the hatred, forms either a halo or horns that are blackened, and they usually go on a rampage unless the person with CCS has extremely high amounts of willpower and mana to back up his or her resistance. 

CCS can be cured in several ways. one being personally overcoming the hatred of the deathlord. being killed and then revived. or someone stealing the halo away.

temporary solutions are as follows. halo or horns being destroyed by a winged sword. halo or horns being covered by a shade's cloak or robe. affection from the one that made them happy or remorse from the one that made them sad/angry.

if CCS gets to the point of no help for a certain amount of time or after a certain intensity, they will become like inanimus. :thumb408612866: and will turn into a WMD to be controlled by someone of intense dark magic.

stages of CCS.

stage one: dulled eyes

stage two: eyes turn red

stage three: halo or horns appear

stage four: dark magic becomes prelivent in aura and is used to unleash their insanity

stage five: inanimus.
symptoms of CCS: depression, random anger bouts, emotionless appearence, constant fear.

NOTE, these symptoms can be confused with many other things, so be sure to have a mage check the suspected CCS for..well, CCS
Shade by bjwickre
The ultimate grey piece of the puzzle. shade is the closest thing to omnipotence as it comes. it has a distaste for combat, but when it does fight, it uses all sorts of kinds of magic as though....previously mortal. it is connected to everything and everyone, but even it has fears of some kind....

"immortality and omnipotence are different. immortality leaves you alive in one plain of existance for an indefinate amount of time, where omnipotence keeps you alive as long as you act through followers, or act on yourself, making yourself known, or keep your blood in the middle most plain of existance whilst never entering that plane...i would never wish this upon any mortal, or immortal, or anything else...
MATCHING STUFF - cant think of a better title by bjwickre
MATCHING STUFF - cant think of a better title
Kuritsu - transgender female (correct me if im wrong, but i want him to be a woman thats dressing, acting, sounding, and overall aiming to be a man, and successful at it but with no male reproductive anatomy). he has a pony tail, some extra hair on his right side, and he is a master in the grail wars~ he has rider as his heroic spirit. (submitting soon). if not in that kind of RP, he's a a simple person who cna use swords like a badass
<paired with oren edsil :iconhopeforthefuture13:
Adam -  cool guy, solitary, but very likeable. secretly a lightning based mage and a pervert.
< paired with jolie charmaine :iconhopeforthefuture13:
Rob - he's a medival times fanatic, in the closet gay, but acts stereotypically gay but hides it kinda. he can be a stealth based person in combat situations
<paired with kiyoshi hiroyuki :iconhopeforthefuture13:
Miranda - athlete, parkourist, and secretly in love with the person i hope to pair her with. she likes to party, and is a short sword wielding, speedy gal, in combat
< pair with chester rivers :iconhopeforthefuture13:
Dante - neko, loves hoodies to hide his ears, and his tail, he is anti-social until someone pulls him out of his shell.
<paired bonny ??? :iconhopeforthefuture13:
Neil - lazy, pervy, anime loving guy who is loving in his own way to everyone who's nice to him. just...gotta be nice to him. he'll snuggle the hell out of you if you sleep near him. just sayin'
< paired with cynthia brier :iconhopeforthefuture13:
Megan - cutsie girl, funny, smart, and secretly a wordsmith that writes amazing stories. she's so good, the words she writes can summon beings into existance! or she is a conjuror. take your pick
< paired with clark ??? :iconhopeforthefuture13:
Tyler - he's just a simple person. not really much to him. EXCEPT HE CAN USE MAGIC TO STRENGTHEN ANY OBJECT HE WANTS AND SUCH. he is also a master in the holy grail war, if possible. his heroic spirit is archer, i think...
< paired with ella maryland :iconhopeforthefuture13:
BEACHSCENE by bjwickre
AHAHHAHAHAHAHHA i seriously have that problem owo


bjwickre's Profile Picture
United States
Rhythm is a dancer,
It's a soul's companion,
People feel it everywhere,
Lift your hands and voices,
Free your mind and join us,
You can feel it in the air,
Oh oh, it's a passion,
Oh oh, you can feel it yeah,
Oh oh, it's a passion,
Oh oh, oh, oh, oh,


You can put some joy up on my face,
Oh sunshine in an empty place,
Take me too, turn to and babe I'll make you stay,
Oh I can ease you of your pain,
Feel you give me love again,
Round and round we go,
Each time I hear you say,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,
This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,

Wont you teach me how to love and learn,
There'll be nothing left for me to yearn,
Think of me and burn and let me hold your hand,
Oh yeah-ah-eh,
I don't want to face the world in tears,
Please think again, I'm on my knees,
Sing that song to me,
No reason to repent,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,
This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah,
The rhythm of the night,
This is the rhythm of my life, my life, oh yeah,
The rhythm of my life,

This is the rhythm of the night, the night, oh yeah.
Of the night - bastille
Anime name: H2O footprints in the sand

genre: romance, supernatural, comedy

general number of characters: 15 characters. not hard to follow

length: 12 episodes

feels level: :iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz::iconcryingplz: 5/5 cries

story development: amazing and realistic, for the most part, you become emotionally attached to the characters after a few episodes and a whole bunch of laughs.

ending: the ending shocked me, made me cry my eyes out, and then gave me some semi-bullshit at the very end that made me feel better, but it was so perfectly devistating...

remarks: i half regret watching this anime. its a great show, but its just emotion fucking. be VERY careful how you go with this anime.

where you can watch this:…
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